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Article: Nat'v Basics | Eco-friendly & Sustainable Underwear

Nat'v Basics | Eco-friendly & Sustainable Underwear

Nat'v Basics | Eco-friendly & Sustainable Underwear


Three words that spring to mind when thinking of Nat'v Basics is eco-friendly, sustainable and comfy!

A relatively new brand into the stratosphere Nat'v Basics was created by a mum who wanted to do better for her daughter and the universe.

Finding it hard to find basic underwear that didn't cost an arm and the legs going into said underwear, she went forth in creating her own! And like her, mums and mums-to-be are all getting on board with this brand that are comfortable and easy to wear, especially when nurturing little ones.

Mums love nativ

Made from recycled and sustainable materials, like renewable wood sources, you can spend your every day knowing you aren't attributing to global issues when choosing this brand.  Although not perfect, Nat'v Basics are constantly on the search for new ways to improve their footprint.

Nativ Stats

Breathable, ultra light and we
 have constant feedback in store from our customers on how awesome to wear these intimates are.. sometimes maybe a touch too comfortable, questioning whether they are even wearing underwear!

Right now the Cheeky G's are our best seller!

Cheeky G's

They have a great range of styles, we currently stock their Classics, Callie's and Cheeky G's.  We highly recommend their Beige and Beech colours if you need an undergarment that will not show through for events or day-to-day wear.
All we can say, is that we hope they expand their range to bralettes! 

You can see our range of Nat'v Basic's online HERE
Find out more about the sustainable commitments of our brands HERE

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