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Article: Sienna | The new plant-based formula

Sienna | The new plant-based formula

Sienna | The new plant-based formula

The old adage, "Don't fix something that ain't broke" has no room at Sienna! And, boy oh boy are we glad that they didn't listen to that quote and have up-levelled their already incredible product.

Sienna, from the word go has been sustainability focused and watching them stand true to this is inspiring to say the least. If we could all walk through life with even a smidgen of how they operate, our universe just might be in a better place. 

We have always supported Danielle and her beautiful, growing team and when whispers that a brand new plant-based formula was being formulated we were positively brimming with glee! 

They continually shift the needle in the ethical standards realm and have been a Certified B Corporation since early 2019.... Oooo wee, that's a milestone worth a mention. Along with that notable stamp, Sienna is also certified with the likes of Safe Cosmetics Australia, Peta, Choose Cruelty Free Australia and Vegan Action!

A statement direct from their site shows how they have further stepped up their commitment to this universe with their new formula.

"Innovating means continually striving for a higher performance and for Sienna, that means the cleanest formula, the best green science, the most sustainable production, renewable plant-based ingredients, and complete traceability at every stage of development and production. 

Building on our pioneering vegan, cruelty free, non-toxic, Benzo-free, breathable formula, we are now the world’s first micro-plastic free, aluminium free and nano-particle free nail polish. We’re honouring our commitment to bring you the world’s cleanest and most sustainable nail polish."

With yummy inclusions like sugar cane, vegetables and supple softness via the humble cotton plant, this new formula has us feeling all types of refreshed enthusiasm!

To know you are wearing a quality beauty product that isn't causing you any bodily issues and most importantly isn't harming the universe is a full blown sustainable vibe. 

Team Sienna, we are so very proud of the ethical journey you have taken on over the years. Keep doing you, it raises the world up. 

With love from your biggest hype girls, 


The Freedom State. x x 

Shop their plant-based nail polishes in store or online for pickup purposes only. (No online delivery orders)

Learn more about Sienna's Certifications HERE

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