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Article: Get packing, go camping | What to pack!

Get packing, go camping | What to pack!

Get packing, go camping | What to pack!

Going Camping - what to pack.

We aren't quite sure how a whole year has passed since the original Covid lockdown, but Easter weekend has rolled around already! Although some parts of Australia are dealing with fresh lockdown situations (cue a big sad faced emoji), a lot of people are doing what most Aussies do best... road tripping for a good ol' camping session!

Camping goes hand in hand with Easter because the weather starts to cool down just enough, that you won't be sweating your proverbial off in that two person tent you've awkwardly set up in the dark. 

So, what do you need to pack into your overnight bag?
Asides from the essentials... like wine, cocktail mixers, chippies etc ;) 
You will need to pack for your;

You might be living it up under a Salty Shadows Umbrella + in a proper maxo relaxo mode but you still need to take care of your biggest organ! 

So, slap on some SPF from Salt & Stone! Marry it with your no fuss skincare from Saya and/or TheSeeke to keep that skin of yours supple + ready for all of those happy holiday snaps!

Eye protection for us comes in the form of our two Sunglasses brands, Valley Eyewear + Lu-Goldie

And, don't even think about setting foot into your car without making sure you have a Lack Of Color wide brimmed straw or at the very least a bucket hat packed. 

The Freedom State

You have to trust us on this one, you'll need your undergarments to be from Nat'v Basics - they are so comfortable + an absolute necessity for daily living!

Is it going to be hot or cold where you are going?? Either way, we say pack both for options! I think you can all agree that there is nothing worse than being so teeth chattering cold + not having socks to bring you back from the brink! 

For the warmer climates, chuck some denim Tacoola Vintage denim cutoffs or the Kekoa Shorts + matching Tulum Tops from Lokoa into your bag.

For cold or rainy weather, loungewear from Araminta James, jeans from Levis, sportswear from L'urv Activewear or any of the new Amuse Society warmer garments will have you as cosy as the cup of hot chocolate in your hands.

The Freedom State

Sandals from James Smith or St Agni will keep you cool during the hot days but our Chicko boots are a winner for the cooler climates.

Don't forget your Ugg boots though! Nights around the fire toasting marshmallows demand Ugg's.  

The Freedom State

Finally getting a moment to stop means reading or writing. Journalling is a beautiful self love movement that we can't get enough of!

We have a lovely selection of Axl + Ash journals that you will be able to pen your thoughts down in (regardless if you are camping, air bnb'ing or in a lockdown suburb).

The Freedom State

Let's be real, the cooler bags + picnic rugs from Wandering Folk probably should have been the first thing mentioned on this blog! 

+ last but not least, don't forget your Tarot cards


Now get packing + go camping! Be sure to tag us in your camping pictures this Easter weekend + stay safe x x

The Freedom State
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