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Lady In Red

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Lady In Red

Give Her Red And She'll Rule The World 

 The history that surrounds the reasons for wearing red is one of profound significance - it symbolises momentous occasions and is the colour of fire, passion, action and love. Across the globe red is swathed over bodies to express an abundance of good fortune, purity and fertility whilst also signifying sensuality and spirituality! Not to be discounted though, is the fact that red also symbolises 
and has in history encompassed violence and rage and is used to express the presence of devastation AND revolution across the world.
Vivacious in nature, it goes without saying that the allure of wearing red is both bold and sexy!
Splashes of red throughout a bohemian inspired wardrobe in rich textures and prints is absolutely a a running theme at The Freedom State . On a day where we need little oomph in our step, nothing says 'vivacious' like a little bold red in the mix!
We give salute to the queen of colours during this festive season! 


Injections of a 'La Dolce Vita' inspired red - Some red hot tips

  • Wearing a fiery red lip will instantly create an allure that screams European Summer!
  • Team your crisp floaty whites with red accents to offset the starkness.     White and red are an insane team ! Think Amber Heard in Rum Diaries.
  •  Layer your saucy red lace underwear under your Summer strappy dresses for a glimpse of sexy
  • Red nails are an obvious choice - change the game with some nail art this festive season!
  • Take on a red accessory to liven it all up like a statement sunglass or hat.











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