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Article: Your Active Life | TFS Way

Your Active Life | TFS Way

Your Active Life | TFS Way

For Amy, there’s nothing better than waking early to greet the summers day with an open heart, a wide smile and the anticipation of her daily yoga class.

As a commitment to her practice she lays out her active-wear the night before. This not only sets Amy’s morning routine, it inspires her. Her Yeba active-wear is a cut above the rest – with nature inspired and adventure seeking hues and prints – she always feels transported to another place. Amy realizes she looks forward to waking up and getting dressed in these pieces – this active-wear enriches her experience both visually and tangibly. She rests her head on her pillow and dreams of faraway places and exotic destinations until the sun rises on a new day.

The morning is shining and Amy wakes refreshed with purpose and enthusiasm. Once dressed, a subtle smile can be noticed on Amy’s face as she senses the comfort of this range. Each piece is designed with care and thought – with innovative fabrics that breathe and support, and styles that are flattering and versatile.

Before yoga Amy passes by her local café for a cold pressed juice – she always feels confident in her Yeba Clothing – with ease and grace it takes her from street to studio and back again. It is edgy enough to rock as street-wear just as much as it ‘kicks it’ in the yoga studio.   Compliments and charming comments follow her as she makes her way to the studio where the yoga teacher must know where these threads are from. People are captivated by the colours, the shading, design, fabric and prints and are forever swooning over her active-wear ensembles.

Yeba (You’re Everything Beautiful Always) has got your back for stylish, out of the ordinary gym wear for yoga, gym and beyond.

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