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When we think New York City, we picture tall buildings and streets littered with people – yellow taxi’s backed up in traffic and lines 100 deep for the best coffees and cake in the city. Yet, it’s so romantic. When you take the bohemia of Byron Bay and you throw it in amongst this madness there’s no guarantee that it will work, but Spell’s latest collection proves that it absolutely can.

For just a moment, we imagine the Apple of the world’s eye as a village, a small town – a Folk Town. Where lace whites and bold prints float along cobblestone roads. One of Spell’s most feminine collections to date brings together the bliss of floral patterns and frills – set amongst the back drop of that dark and smoky city. A shoot location that allowed the colours to have maximum impact.

We envision Alex in her loft-style apartment, throwing together a suitcase of pieces from this collection, circa 1969, and jumping in a friend’s car, making the journey to White Lake, New York State. We see her running free amongst the masses at Woodstock, closing her eyes peacefully. When she opens them again, she’s standing on a street corner and it’s 2016 – same outfit, same energy and the same double glances as she walks down the street – just try look away!

For us, that’s what this collection is about – it’s about creating your own stories for the pieces. Entering a time-warp and allowing them to transport you wherever you’ve dreamed of being. Or, even better, wearing them in the moment and encompassing the free spirit of the time that inspired them.

Photographer | Sybil Steele
Muse | Alexandra Spencer of 4th and Bleeker
Styling and Direction | Isabella Pennefather
Hair/Makeup | Stoj Bulic
Production | Sybil Steele
Photography Assistant | Sasha Lytvyn
Styling Assistant | Jess Ingram 

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