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Lu Goldie Sunglasses

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Lucia Sunglasses - BlackLucia Sunglasses - Black
Eliana Sunglasses - MossEliana Sunglasses - Moss
Nina Sunglasses - BlackNina Sunglasses - Black
Salome X Holly Kingston Sunglasses - VanillaSalome X Holly Kingston Sunglasses - Vanilla
Farrah Sunglasses - Choc TortFarrah Sunglasses - Choc Tort
Farrah Sunglasses - BlackFarrah Sunglasses - Black
Claudia Sunglasses - TortoiseClaudia Sunglasses - Tortoise
Ruby Sunglasses - Tort & TanRuby Sunglasses - Tort & Tan
Sold outRuby Sunglasses - CoffeeRuby Sunglasses - Coffee
Sold outSave 72%Coco Sunglasses - SugarCoco Sunglasses - Sugar
Lu Goldie
Coco Sunglasses - Sugar Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 179.00
Sold outSave 74%Mia Sunglasses - White OnyxMia Sunglasses - White Onyx
Lu Goldie
Mia Sunglasses - White Onyx Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 189.00
Mieli Sunglasses - Choc TortMieli Sunglasses - Choc Tort
Milou Sunglasses - BlackMilou Sunglasses - Black
Milou Sunglasses - ChestnutMilou Sunglasses - Chestnut
Milou Sunglasses - Choc TortMilou Sunglasses - Choc Tort
Milou Sunglasses - LeafMilou Sunglasses - Leaf
Sofia Sunglasses - Choc TortSofia Sunglasses - Choc Tort
Sofia Sunglasses - BlackSofia Sunglasses - Black
Sofia Sunglasses - CocoaSofia Sunglasses - Cocoa
Martine Sunglasses - ChestnutMartine Sunglasses - Chestnut
Martine Sunglasses - WatermelonMartine Sunglasses - Watermelon
Save 72%Aurelie Sunglasses - BleuAurelie Sunglasses - Bleu
Lu Goldie
Aurelie Sunglasses - Bleu Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 179.00
Save 72%Aurelie Sunglasses - LemonAurelie Sunglasses - Lemon
Lu Goldie
Aurelie Sunglasses - Lemon Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 179.00
Save 70%Sylvie Sunglasses - BlushSylvie Sunglasses - Blush
Lu Goldie
Sylvie Sunglasses - Blush Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 169.00
Sold outCoco Sunglasses - CocoaCoco Sunglasses - Cocoa
Save 72%Salomé Sunglasses - RaspberrySalomé Sunglasses - Raspberry
Lu Goldie
Salomé Sunglasses - Raspberry Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 179.00
Save 72%Salomé Sunglasses - Cotton CandySalomé Sunglasses - Cotton Candy
Lu Goldie
Salomé Sunglasses - Cotton Candy Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 179.00
Save 74%Mia Sunglasses - LatteMia Sunglasses - Latte
Lu Goldie
Mia Sunglasses - Latte Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 189.00
Solene Sunglasses - Cola
Save 74%Mia Sunglasses - SkyMia Sunglasses - Sky
Lu Goldie
Mia Sunglasses - Sky Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 189.00
Save 72%Coco Sunglasses - Banana MilkCoco Sunglasses - Banana Milk
Lu Goldie
Coco Sunglasses - Banana Milk Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 179.00
Sold outSave 72%Coco Sunglasses - LavenderCoco Sunglasses - Lavender
Lu Goldie
Coco Sunglasses - Lavender Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 179.00
Mia Sunglasses - Choc TortMia Sunglasses - Choc Tort
Save 72%Salome Sunglasses - SkySalome Sunglasses - Sky
Lu Goldie
Salome Sunglasses - Sky Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 179.00
Sold outSave 72%Salome Sunglasses - LeafSalome Sunglasses - Leaf
Lu Goldie
Salome Sunglasses - Leaf Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 179.00
Save 72%Salome Sunglasses - LavenderSalome Sunglasses - Lavender
Lu Goldie
Salome Sunglasses - Lavender Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 179.00
Sabine Sunglasses - Choc TortSabine Sunglasses - Choc Tort
Save 72%Sabine Sunglasses - Creme BruleeSabine Sunglasses - Creme Brulee
Lu Goldie
Sabine Sunglasses - Creme Brulee Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 179.00
Save 72%Coco Sunglasses - HoneyCoco Sunglasses - Honey
Lu Goldie
Coco Sunglasses - Honey Sale price$ 49.99 Regular price$ 179.00
Mia Sunglasses - BlackMia Sunglasses - Black
Mia Sunglasses - ColaMia Sunglasses - Cola
Lu Goldie
Mia Sunglasses - Cola Sale price$ 189.00
Save 53%Mia Sunglasses - VanillaMia Sunglasses - Vanilla
Lu Goldie
Mia Sunglasses - Vanilla Sale price$ 89.00 Regular price$ 189.00
Coco Sunglasses - BlackCoco Sunglasses - Black
Lu Goldie is a renowned brand that specialises in creating stylish and trendy vintage inspired sunglasses for women. With a focus on vintage aesthetics, their sunglasses are a perfect blend of classic design and contemporary fashion. Offering an awesome range of options, Lu Goldie caters to girls who appreciate timeless style and want to make a statement with their eyewear.

Vintage sunglasses have experienced a resurgence in popularity, becoming a staple in the fashion industry. Lu Goldie recognises this trend and capitalises on it by designing sunglasses that evoke a sense of 60's and 90's nostalgia while mixing with current trends still being relevant in today's fashion landscape. Their collection features a diverse array of frames, lens colours, and intricate details that capture the essence of vintage eyewear to team with pretty floral dresses to a top & pants set.

The charm of Lu Goldie's sunglasses lies in their ability to effortlessly complement various outfits and styles. Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion, going to a festival, or simply want to add a statement to your everyday look, Lu Goldie has the perfect pair of sunglasses for you. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality ensure that each pair is not only fashionable but also functional and durable.

Vintage sunglasses have long been associated with glamour and sophistication. Lu Goldie understands this allure and strives to create sunglasses that exude elegance and charm. By combining classic designs with modern materials and technologies, they offer sunglasses that provide both style and UV protection, making them ideal for outdoor activities and everyday wear.

Lu Goldie's commitment to women's fashion is evident in their focus on creating sunglasses that cater specifically to women's tastes and preferences. Their collection showcases a wide range of shapes, including cat-eye, round, square, and oversized frames, ensuring that every woman can find a style that complements her face shape and personal style. If you are active on socials you are sure to have seen a few of your popular influencers or celebrities wearing Lu Goldie such as Bella Hadid, Taylor LaShae and Australia's Ruby Tuesday Matthews who has collaborated together with Lu Goldie to create her own style called the 'Ruby'.  Whether you prefer a bold and dramatic look or a more subtle and refined aesthetic, Lu Goldie has a pair of sunglasses to suit your needs.

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