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2019 - The Year Of Being True To You

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The Year Of Being True To You 

The breaking of the first dawn on a new year is the opening of a new chapter - some an entire book adorned with fresh beginnings, revisiting the old and entertaining newness <3. Thank the heavens for the the turn of a new year,  the possibility to shift and re-align dreams and awakening new levels of desire that have the power to unravel deep chasms of possibility!
It's easy to get lost in the haze of new year resolutions of unrealistic expectations, so this year we have vowed to ourselves that it's our time to put ourselves first, bring it back to the foundations of self care and the practice of self acceptance and exploration. Kissing goodbye to the chaotic noise life tends to arounse and replacing it with the primary goal of investing in our bodies, hearts, minds and spirit - It is then setting goals is built on the foundation of self belief and nurturing. 
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Self Care 

Theres a lot to be said for self care practice - which is to take the time to engage in the things that elevate your mood setting a positive pace for your day, to take part in setting aside time for you and you only. 
Self care for some is simply taking some time to sit in your space, surrounded by swirling scents and your collection of well cared for plants and blocking out the un-grouding noise that at times leaves you overwhelmed and bogged down. For others its yoga, meditation, cooking or running. 
Sometimes, throwing down a blanket under a big old Gum tree, wind dancing past your face and watching the clouds go by with a good book is the fitting antidote to a moment of nurture and resetting the clock!
Stepping out into 2019 - remember to take a moment for yourself - regularly <3. A frequented ritual for us is to rise with the morning sun, delving deep into the ocean leaving you feeling invigorated and renewed, followed by a calming walk amongst natures essence. Swoon through your homely space with music that moves through your body and take some time to spoil your body with natural oils and nourishing practices - a face mask and exfoliation. Spend the balmy afternoon journaling your personal goal and dreams - we know it sounds simple, although we know how magic it can be to bring things back to the basics sometimes.

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