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Mix It Up - Pairing Prints

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Mixing prints has long been an intimidating concept to ponder yet alone attempt to execute - often left to the runway dwellers and fashions leaders alike.

Truth is, anyone can mix a print - it  just takes a little bit of confidence, a few guidelines and allowing yourself to go there! What works for you might be totally different to what works for Helena christensen circa 1999. 

In essence, Bohemia is off the beaten path, discarding the rule book - It's a world free to express your inner wild and by mixing it up with your favourite go-to prints can introduce an all new element!

Here's some tips to follow while you give this power dressing a shot!


  • Experiment with Inverted colour schemes - it's the never fail approach to mixing prints! Choose your tone and print and pair it with it's inverted match. Made in heaven and the easiest option!

  • Tonal Mixing - choose prints that occupy the same tonal range, it will look smoothly 'put together' 

  • Clashing florals - The more challenging option although when pairing two floral prints aim to have: 1. A monochromatic option, for example a solid red top with a 'one colour floral' and 2. A multi coloured print that picks up the first dominant colour.

  • Floral & Stripes - Mixing your favourite floral with a nautical stripe is the French take on mixing prints, that's always a good idea ;).

  • Same same but different - Mixing the same style print, just in different sizes and colour ways can create the most ideal contrast! For example a similar constructed tartan in alternate colour way and size.

  • And lastly our personal FAVOURITE - Red and leopard print! Don a light floral with a bold leopard print - a no fail!    

Our New Arrivals section has an array of new print options HERE.



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