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Article: Girl on Film | Christina x The Freedom State

Girl on Film | Christina x The Freedom State
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Girl on Film | Christina x The Freedom State

On a relaxed February day we find ourselves amidst a homely setting in Brunswick Heads with the beautiful Christina Macpherson floating around while Bec of Maple Vice snaps away on her film camera.

A mix of the 70’s edge and a touch of bohemian luxury. You wouldn’t be mistaken in being transported back to the days of Jimi Hendrix and the numerous musical legends of that magical era. Envisioning dancing barefoot in a field of happily mesmerized people alike to yourself.

The Folk Town Frill Dress by Spell Designs is a visual outpouring of powder blue flowers nestled into its beautiful wine coloured background and is what makes us and clearly Christina feel at ease whilst wearing this garment of love. Nothing stops you from wearing it just as is because it is such an electric piece standing on its own.

Up onto the beautiful balcony, with Christina swanning elegantly in her Spell Designs white Boho Bella Blouse, a staple piece in all of our wardrobes. So effortlessly paired with your favourite denim pieces or simply worn around the house with the Antique Lingerie from Free People. This set is like nothing you’ve laid your eyes upon. A delectable mix of maroon and dusty creams with a hint of white lace sections to give it the right amount of sexiness.

On the wooden deck where Christina is draped in the Raven Dress by Amuse Society, a comfortability like no other. It sways and moves like dandelions in the wind. Feminine yet tribal especially when the look is finished off with the Mayfield Hat by the hat masters at Brixton. We can see all of our Freedom State ladies pulling this look off with some rustic boots and anklets.

Coming in season soon is the injection of cosy jackets and the Stringer Jacket is a piece that makes you want to drool with Winter excitement. Partnered with any of your high waisted garments, a statement necklace and a floaty top ticks off all of our rock honey boxes.

As you scroll through you will be met with beautiful crochet, suede hats, ripped jeans and whole lot of beauty that continued during the day of wondrous moments. Momentarily stuck in the days of old whilst being in the now.

Get The Freedom State look via or direct in our Burleigh Heads showroom.

Dress to your vibe, be unashamedly you!

Muse: Christina Macpherson                                     

Photography: Maple Vice                                             

Styling & Coordination: Jaimi-Lee Fitzgerald             

Hair & Makeup: Erin Forbes                                       

Words: Ness Falzon

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