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Article: Our 3 Favourite Dresses You Will Want This Fall ’17

Our 3 Favourite Dresses You Will Want This Fall ’17


Our 3 Favourite Dresses You Will Want This Fall ’17

You may be wondering – which dress is perfect for Fall/Winter wear? And – how do I layer upon it to retain the style I want and still let the dress shine.

Well ladies, we are here to answer these questions and offer you loads of inspiration – allowing you to walk confidently through the cooler months with ease, style and grace wearing that dress you adore!

We love to layer – it’s a concept sent from the gods!  It gives us the freedom to wear our much-loved dresses all year long, what is not to love? If you’re struggling on what type of dress will suit for a specific occasion or need some help accessorising with your new dress, check out our dress styling guide for everything you need to know about dresses, and what goes best together!


Let’s first look at one of our favourite dresses of the moment, The Shirt Dress. This is a style we are seeing arise from many of our brands over the summer months and into our upcoming collections for Fall. The beloved shirt dress is very on trend right now and looks picture perfect with simple styling. But what if you want to add a little more of your own boho-inspired style to it?  We say go for it!  Use footwear and accessories to mix this trend up a bit.

For daytime rendezvous there are a myriad of options; we suggest pairing with a denim jacket and ankle boots for a casual feel or with sneakers and a leather jacket for a relaxed style.

For your evening play – be it date night or girl gang catch up – take it to the next level! Team a mini shirt dress with a cropped leather jacket, leather belt cinched in at waist, tights, over the knee boots and a wool fedora. Be prepared to stop the show!

We are swooning over the diverse range of fabrics available this season from natural cotton in gorgeous muted colours, super soft rayon in vibrant prints to the more luxurious linen. The choice is yours.  Or why not get into stripes this season?  They are huge!



Wrap Maxi Dresses have been a huge maxi dress style this year and our labels have constantly inspired and delighted us with the fabrics and prints in their collections.  We love love love how the 90’s are making a huge comeback in so many of the florals and dress shapes coming through in future collections (Amuse Society are killing it in this category!) Think about pairing one of these with a cropped jacket, or a long fur-lined coat (faux of course!)  Pop on some ankle boots and if your legs feel the chill, wear some skin coloured stockings underneath (no one will know) – you will be feeling cosy and warm whilst rocking a head-turning style!

When the sun is shining complete your winter wrap maxi ensemble with a straw hat. There are an abundance of styles available now as the humble straw hat re-emerges as the ultimate elegant fashion accessory for daytime events.

And, for the night, pop on a wool-felt fedora (Lack Of Color have got you covered!), your faux fur coat and get ready to sparkle brighter than the night stars!





Whatever the style and design – be it a maxi dress, mini dress, shirt dress, event dress – get into stripes this coming season.  You may think nautical but no, our labels are getting striped delight in all kinds of dress styles, and they can easily be layered up for winter wearing.

Stripes are fast becoming this seasons ‘go to’ – when in doubt grab your stripes!  This much-loved pattern is classic, elegant, distinguishable and versatile.

Coco Chanel put stripes at the forefront of fashion when, in 1917, she was inspired by sailors uniforms in Northern France. Since then emerging designers have added their own spin on the distinctive pattern.

This season we are loving classic black and white or navy and white/ivory stripes in elegant and casual styles.

For the day, let the stripes be the hero and pair back with a washed out denim jacket, nude ankle boots and perhaps a cap in a neutral hue.

When the sun sets and the stars pop you can turn your striped dress ensemble up a notch by pairing with a cropped jacket in black or navy (to match the stripe) or create a colour pop with a jacket in a bold, vibrant hue. Follow with matching ankle boots or over the knee for a mini dress and perhaps add a silk necktie for a touch of elegance and luxury (Silk Laundry has nailed this must-have!) Stripes have never looked better!


We love how our labels offer you an opportunity to make your mark and style the pieces your way. It’s easy for you to add your authentic touch through accessories, shoes and layering to create a style of your own.  And for Autumn, a jacket are all you need to make these styles both beautiful and functional for cooler months.






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