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Article: The Slip Dress Styling Guide for Every Season

Slip dresses

The Slip Dress Styling Guide for Every Season

The ultimate in simplicity – the slip dress – effortlessly exudes sophistication, sensuality and femininity. This style has re-emerged with style, grace and vibrancy since its heyday in the late 90’s and we are loving this comeback!

Now that most of us own at least one slip dress, you may be yearning for some inspiration and ideas to bring more versatility to this dress. We've covered a few different styles in our dress styling guide but today we're going to narrow our focus even more!

With questions like – How can I wear my slip for casual day wear?  What footwear suits the slip dress?  And how can I wear my slip in winter? Perhaps you’re feeling lost, dazed and confused and lacking awareness of just how many ways this refined garment can be worn. Never fear sisters, we have these answers and more, as we get up close and personal with this slinky number. 

Whilst we are all familiar with the iconic and minimalistic ‘Kate Moss’ style, there are several other ways to style and wear this must-have, staple piece.

This is where the fabulous 90’s come in!

This decade also gave us crop tops and baby tees, rich burgundy lipstick, Doc Martens, chokers, leather biker jackets, denim jackets and more.  Taking a look back to the 90’s offers us an abundance of inspo and all we need is, most probably, already in our wardrobes.

For Casual Day Wear

For the day, this lingerie inspired dress most certainly has a place.  All you need is a baby tee and a denim jacket (hello 90’s!) Layer your tee underneath and team with a denim jacket tied around your waist for an awe-inspiring 90’s look. Complete this style with flat-soled mules or sneakers.  Perfect daytime styling!

Tip: as the weather cools opt for a thin long sleeve tee.

For Winter

The slip dress is made for all year-long wear with its bountiful layering options and versatility.  For winter we love to play with textures as well as layers.  Imagine pairing a soft bulky knit with your smooth silk, raw cotton or decadent velvet slip dress and finishing with a pair of comfy sneakers.  Or to really pay homage to the 90’s pop on some Doc Martens!  Blending sensuality with comfort – who would’ve thought! 

For Evening

The Slip Dress shines in the evening and this is when you want to channel your inner Kate Moss! The most stunning accessory you can harness is a calm confidence then pair with minimalist jewels, perhaps a necktie (Silk Laundry are our favourites), ankle boots or strappy heels. If the eve is cool and you’re feeling the cold – remember our winter tip and layer with textures – team with your leather biker or faux fur jacket.  We love a statement clutch with this evening ensemble too (The Wolfgang have nailed this accessory!)


Tip – a silk necktie can double as a waist sash – another adaption you can try with your slip. 

What Shoes

This is an exciting topic when it comes to the simple slip.  As you would’ve noticed on our journey so far – as we revisit the slip dress and all of its wondrous options – there are an abundance of footwear choices to wear with your slip.  Depending on the time of year, time of day and occasion – the choice is yours.  Here’s the low down:

If you are pairing the slip back for the day and creating an understated look team with your favourite sneakers.  For the evening opt for a sleek ankle boot or strappy heel.  For mini slip dresses, take sexy to the next level and wear with over the knee boots.

For a casual, snuggly winter outfit pair with sneakers or rock you DMs and for sunny summer days go for a sandal or a mule. 


The Long and the Short of it

Another inspiring choice the slip offers is whether to go long or short.  We say get both!  Each length has its benefits and can create a very different look.  The short slip gives you flirty options (cue sexy legs!) and allows your footwear (and pins!) to be the hero.  We especially love over the knee boots with the short slip – perfect date night attire!  For the day the slip mini can offer a little more functionality for play and may give you a bit more freedom (freedom and fashion are always a welcome combination).  The long slip offers more elegance and can carry you through any of your refined, dressy social engagements – think weddings, parties, fine dining – as well as having the ability to be paired back for casual events.  Both lengths can be worn all year round as long as you love to layer – who doesn’t right?

And there you have it, all the info, inspiration and ideas you will ever need to enjoy your slip to its full and beautiful potential – 90’s style and beyond!

(I’m off to buy another one now!)

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