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The Wild Unknown

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Archetypes DeckArchetypes Deck
Animal Spirit BoxsetAnimal Spirit Boxset
The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook Bundle at The Freedom StateTarot Boxset
The Wild Unknown
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Kim Krans is the creator of The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit and Tarot Decks with corresponding Guide Books.  This wonderfully talented woman resides in Portland Oregon and lives her life as an artist, writer and yogi who shares her spiritual guidance, illustrations and words worldwide from her sunny studio.  Authentic and grounded, Kim is inspired by artists memoirs, biographies and interviews – enjoying the real story and picture of someone rather than the projection.  She is a self-confessed tea fanatic and meditates every morning.  The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit and Tarot Decks are favourites all over the globe featuring Kims original illustrations and offering insight into every facet of our lives.  These decks can be used individually or together to add another layer and depth to your readings.

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