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Amilita is a women’s clothing label born out of the bohemian capital of Australia – Byron Bay. Clothing that screams free spirit with a side of chic and comfort. Amilita aims to reflect the easy-going lifestyle of Byron Bay through the creation of unique and individual pieces.
Inspired and inspirited by Mexican folklore’s iconic female figure, Adelita, known for her tremendous courage during the Mexican revolution. Creator Sara Afonso, motivated by the workings of Adelita during her studies of fashion design, started to hand sew lingerie and sell them at the Bondi Markets. After much praise and gracious feedback, Sara was motivated to move to the sea and start making things that reflected her life vision.
Amilita was officially born in Byron Bay, by the sea, in 2011. Still to this day, the clothes breathe fresh air and seaside motifs, worn by the dreamers, feelers and road trippers. Amilita is one of the top brands coming out of Byron promising easy wearing material with dreamy summer prints, classic crochet and crispy silhouettes suiting all your outfit needs. If you’re one to live by the sea, or perhaps in the country where the grass grows long, Amilita will provide you with those long flowing whimsical pieces that will make moments memorable.

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