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Festival Fashion Guide - Styles & Outfits for 2020

Music festivals are the place to be and not just for the music! The vibe, sights and experiences of a music festival provide a feast for the senses. With style, colour, texture, atmosphere and energy being like no other place on earth its little wonder music festivals are the talk of the town and now has its very own season! 

The first major festival was the Monterey International Pop Festival in California – a 3-day concert event of rock, pop and folk, in June 1967, that laid the foundation and inspiration for festivals that came later, including renowned Woodstock.

The Montery International Pop Festival in 1967


The Woodstock Music and Art Fair followed in August 1969 on a 600-acre dairy farm in Bethel, New York. It spanned over 4 days showcasing leading and emerging artists of the time. Among the line up were artists Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead, the Who, Janis Joplin and Jefferson Airplane – to name a few. Over half a million people came to soak up the vibes and to experience the 32 acts on show. Joni Mitchell said, “Woodstock was a spark of beauty…” 

It connected like-minded people with positivity, love and music. 

These festivals created a template for future music festivals and now there are music and art festivals taking place in every corner of the globe. Festivals are essentially about unity – bringing people together with music, fashion and art. Festival-goers feel a sense of belonging and this feeling is priceless and sought after by many. We feel blessed to explore festivals around the globe and to celebrate the fashion that plays a vital part in the overall experience of this exciting, igniting event. 

Lets take a look at the top 7 Music Festivals around the world. Be warned you’ll want to start packing your bag! 

Here’s the lowdown:

Glastonbury – Somerset, UK – June

The Glastonbury Festival began in 1970 (then called the Pilton Festival), it spans over 5 days and showcases contemporary artists – not only in music but also dance, comedy, theatre, circus, cabaret and other performing arts. Glastonbury is the largest green-field festival in the world and will doubtless be on festival-goers’ bucket lists, attracting more than 175 000 people each year!

This festival is a major event in British culture and receives extensive television and newspaper coverage. Leading pop and rock artists have headlined the festival and in 2017, Ed Sheeran, Radio Head and Foo Fighters are at the top of an impressive line up. It is held every year in June with a break every 5 years to allow rest and rejuvenation for the land, local population and organisers. Hippie ethics and the free festival movement in the 1970’s heavily influenced Glastonbury and the good vibes do not end with the music and arts – mostly volunteers run this festival – with funds raised going to good causes. 

 Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival UK
Beginning in 1970 – Glastonbury is still going strong!


Typically, the festival fashion you will see on this field resonates with the surrounds and embodies a hippy / vintage feel. You will see gumboots (aka Hunter Wellies) in abundance and outfits that embrace the elements yet shine in the style stakes. Think grunge / bohemian and a rock n’ roll edge, without a doubt, our Glastonbury muse is Kate Moss!

Kate Moss - Glastonbury Fashion Kate Moss Festival Fashion

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival – Indio California USA – April

The Coachella Festival began in October 1999 at the Empire Polo Club in Indio California and is now an Annual Event in April. Featuring rock, indie, hip-hop and dance genres of music plus art installations and sculptures. It started as a one-day event and has now evolved to a three-day festival held on consecutive weekends with each weekend having identical line-ups. Since 2003 festival-goers have been permitted to camp on the premises, igniting the experience and being part of several expansive additions of amenities in the festival's history. It is one of the largest and most famous festivals in the world attracting approximately 200 000 people. Coachella showcases established and popular artists along with new and emerging musical artists and re-united bands. 

Check out the 2019 music festival fashion trends spotted at Coachella here and here.

Coachella 2017 took place over two consecutive weekends 14-16th April and 21st-23rd April with headliners Lady Gaga, Radio Head, Kendrick Lamar, Bon Iver, Lorde, Future and more.  Exuding that cool, Californian vibe, Coachella is famous for the girl gangs and the fashion sparkles with a glossy LA / opulent bohemian feel. The field is home to celebs and models and among them you’ll see our favourite Coachella muse – Alessandra Ambrosio – always rocking the most outstanding bohemian ensembles! 

Coachella Valley Music

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival California

The festival of all festivals! We especially love the fashion at this one – super inspiring!


Splendour in the Grass Australia

Splendour in the Grass Byron Bay Australia




Splendour In the Grass – Byron Bay Australia – July

This one is close to our hearts and close to our home! This annual music festival began in 2001 in Byron Bay, New South Wales and has been held there for all but 2 years, where in 2010 and 2011 it was held in Woodford Queensland. Considered the country’s largest Winter music festival, it began as a one day event and has evolved to span over 3 days attracting 30 000 people. Splendour showcases established and emerging artists from many music genres including indie rock, hip hop, alternative and electronic and was nominated UK Festival Award for Best Overseas Festival. Splendour isn’t just about the music; it has a myriad of sections and is a festival for all ages. If you have your little bohemes in tow be sure to visit LITTLE SPLENDOUR – a whimsical area for play, music, storytelling, craft and more. There’s also craft for the big kids at SPLENDOUR IN THE CRAFT plus loads of inspo including live art, installation, performance and projection in SPLENDOUR ARTS. There’s also GLOBAL VILLAGE featuring artists from all over the world, for the forward thinkers and debaters there’s the SPLENDOUR FORUM and for all the groovers there’s THE TIPI FOREST to dance the night away. And with fashion being up high on the festival stakes you will find a plethora of fashion labels showcasing their latest and greatest designs at SPLENDOUR MARKETS. 

Splendour Fashion Splendour Festival Fashion Slpendour Festival Outfit


Headlining Splendour for 2017 was The xx alongside Queens of the Stone Age and reunited LCD Soundsystem. Fashion on this green is gorgeously authentic! You’ll see luxe bohemian / grounded gypsy with a whimsical aesthetic and a touch of blues. A plethora of stunning girl gangs will be seen here too.

 Splendour in the Grass Festival

Splendour in the Grass Byron Bay Australia
One of our faves – Splendour is so much more than the music!  A must-have experience for every bohemian heart!  Look out for awe-inspiring fashion on these green fields!

Tomorrowland – Boom Belgium – July

Tomorrowland is an electronic music festival, which began in 2005. It is now immensely popular and one of the worlds largest and most remarkable music festivals with tickets selling out in minutes. It has attracted up to a huge 360 000 people and, while it began as a one day event, has now grown to spanning over 2 weekends.  Tomorrowland has also expanded its locations to include Georgia in the USA and Sao Paulo in Brazil. In 2015 Tomorrowland won the inaugural award from DJ Magazine for The Worlds Number 1 Festival. 

 Tomorrowland Festival

Tomorrowland Music Festival Belgium
A mind blowing festival – Tomorrowland also sets up in America and Brazil. Tickets for this one sell out in minutes!


The fashion at any Tomorrowland festival can’t be described as anything other than fun. Outfits are out there! Think tutus, capes and dress ups. It’s most certainly a place where your imagination can fuel your fashion choices and accessories like flash tats, hats, jewels and scarves can be worn all at once.

Tomorrowland Festival Fashion Tomorrowland Outfit Festival Fashion

Fuji Rock Festival – Japan – July

This annual rock festival not only has awesome lineups but its location is gorgeous and unique. It’s not everyday you catch a cable car up a mountain to a music festival destination! Held in the Naeba Ski Resort Japan, over three days, and featuring over 200 Japanese and International music artists, it is the largest outdoor music event in Japan. This festival showcases music genres rock and electronic and began in 1997 at the base of Mount Fuji (giving the festival its name), since 1999 the festival has been held at the Naeba Ski Resort.  Headlining the 2017 Fuji Rock Festival was Lorde, Major Lazer, Bjorke, LCD Soundsystem, Queens of the Stoneage, The xx and more! Festival fashion for Fuji has an element of practicality as its super important to dress prepared for all weather. This doesn’t stop festival-goers strutting some inspiring styles. The key is to layer!

Fuji Rock Festival

Fuji Rock Festival Japan
Picturesque and captivating the Fuji Rock Festival takes place at Naeba Ski Resort – imagine catching a cable car up to this!


Fuji Rock Festival Outfit




Exit - Novi Sad Serbia - July

Exit is an award winning annual summer music festival held in the city on Novi Sad in Serbia. It was officially proclaimed as the Best Major European Festival at the EU Festival Awards and has received countless other awards. The festival began as a student movement in 2000, fighting for freedom and democracy in Serbia. Since then over two million people have attended it from more than 60 countries. This festivals location is both magical and unique, taking place at the Petrovaradin Fortress which is considered to be one of Europe’s largest and most beautiful medieval fortresses.

The festival runs over 4 days and the music genre is varied with rock, electronica, electronic dance music, metal, hip hop, reggae, punk, drum and bass and social responsibility is still an important part of festival activities. Fashion at Exit is quite laid back and the days are hot so a striking bikini or one piece is a good investment – this can be worn with your much loved cut off denim shorts in the day and layered upon with a band tee or light shirt in the evening.

 Exit Festival in Serbia

Exit Festival Serbia
This summer Music Festival was proclaimed the Best Major European Festival!

Exit Festival Getup

BluesFest – Byron Bay, Australia - April

This annual blues and roots festival happens a little more than a hop, skip and a jump away from us and is another one of our faves. Beginning in 1990 and starting as a 3-day event it has now blossomed into a 5-day festival from Thursday to Monday over the Easter weekend. It sings out to all ages and has attracted over 100 000 attendees over the 5 days.

 Bluesfest Festival

Bluesfest has been held at several locations around Byron, now finding its home at Tyagarah, just an 11 km drive north of Byron Bay town. It features local and international blues and roots performers, both established and emerging, and the 2017 lineup was stellar including Patti Smith, Zac Brown Band, Santana, Mary J Blige and more! Exuding that Byron Bay feel we know and love, the fashion at Blues Fest is best described as soulful bohemian. The outfits emanate an authenticity yet are stunning and playful at the same time with a Blues influence, resonating perfectly with the festival itself.

 Bluesfest Byron Bay Australia

Bluesfest Byron Bay Australia
Close to our neighbourhood – we love Bluesfest for its music, fashion and grounded, peace loving vibe!

Blues Fest Outfit


If you haven’t already bought your round the world ticket to satisfy your wanderlust hearts yearnings you’re probably searching for flights as we speak! But before you book your flight and your festival ticket lets take a closer look at festival fashion. Here we’ll explore the trends, the groups, the bohemian twists and the freedom of this topic so you can find your authentic festival look. Only then can you begin to pack your suitcase for your festival trotting adventure!

Festival Fashion

If we gaze back through four of the most influential decades and immerse ourselves in the festivals that took place like Monterey, Woodstock, Glastonbury and more we will see that much of our inspiration comes from this time and these festivals. 

Fashion Woodstock Festival

Fashion Woodstock Festival 1969

Maxi skirts, dusters, boots and hats all had their place to shine at Woodford.  Serious inspo there!

Fashion Monterey Festival

Fashion Monterey Festival 1967

A sea of checks, prints and hippie jewels at Monterey Festival, California.

Brian Jones in Monterey Festival

Brian Jones

Fashion Monterey Festival 1967 Image:


The 60’s

Festival outfits in the 60’s was all about prints, tassels, hats, jewels, embellishments, head scarves, bandanas, maxi dresses, mini dresses, knee high boots, sandals, intricate face paint and adornments, long hair, round sunnies, hats and more!  Freedom was expressed through fashion, and authenticity shone through.   

 1960s headress 1960s maxi dress 1960s outfit

The 70’s

The 70’s saw the emergence of flares – flared jeans and pants and flared sleeves. Over the knee boots with mini dresses and headbands, scarves, oversized sunnies, vests, maxi skirts and dresses. The fashion was fun, playful and sexy in one breath. 

 1970s Outfit 1970s pants 1970s Fashion

1960s festival fashion

1960’s Festival Fashion


1970s Festival Fashion

1970’s Festival Fashion



1970s Festival Fashion Braids

1970’s Festival Fashion
Braids, headbands and flare jeans and sleeves in abundance in the 70’s festival scene!

The 80’s

The 80’s weren’t all bright and mismatched (although most of it was!) Think layered textures and jewels – mesh, denim, leather, gold, silver – bold lips, bright eye makeup and big hair. The fashion was a celebration of colour and texture with an approach that more is more!

 1980s Festival Fashion 1980s Hairstyle 1980s Jacket Style

The 90’s

90’s festival fashion brought us a little grunge.  Slip dresses and florals were balanced with a masculine edge when paired with footwear such as combat boots, Doc Martens and sneakers. Flannel shirts, frayed denim, overalls, scrunchies, fitted tees and crops, chokers and neckties were all standouts in the 90’s. We now see the 90’s making its comeback and we are loving it!

 Overall Jeans 1990s 1990s Denim Jacket 1990s Midi Dress

Above all, we want our threads to be a reflection of how we feel, where we are heading and what we love, right? By sifting through the decades you can see there is an abundance of inspiration here – seek and you shall find your perfect festival style. Pick and choose to create a festival ensemble that resonates with who you are. 

What is your festival style?

Lets explore our TOP 5 festival styles – you may find you are one or you are many. Perhaps you rock a minimalist coastal luxe look and with the addition of some tassels or jewels you tweak your look to embrace a touch of ultimate boho too. Or maybe you lean towards a functional style yet you are a rock chick at heart – you can easily blend these two styles (all you need is a good band tee!) You get the drift – let’s play!

Ultimate bohemian

This look is one of our favourites as it truly embraces bohemian fashion and the beauty, wonder and enjoyment of this style.

Unlock your inhibitions, open your arms wide and dance with wild abandon. Channel the 60’s and 70’s as you decorate your hat with feathers, create layers with your exotic jewels, adorn your body with flash tats, and wear tasseled boots and braids in your hair. Choose prints that sing of meadow skipping days and be a walking inspiration.

We love labels Spell Designs for show-stopping bohemian styles and prints.  Let your eyes sparkle with wonderment and let your smile send sunshine to the hearts of others.  

 Boho Fashion Accessries Boho White Dress Boho Maxi Dress


While this look may be practical it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun and be a style that inspires. The epitome of practicality at a festival is the gumboot or wellington. The Hunter Wellington exudes a very cool festival vibe and shows you are a dedicated festival-goer, to be taken seriously. Kate Moss shows us how to be comfy at a festival whilst still retaining your authentic style and exuding a cool, calm vibe. Team the gumboot with your favourite frayed denim cut-offs or jeans (cue Levis!) and a fitted statement tee, leather jacket and shades and you have successfully blended function with style.

Kate Moss Festival Outfit

Kate Moss – Functional Festival Fashion
Once again, Kate shows us how its done!
One of our fave muses!

Alessandra Ambrosio Festival Outfit

Alessandra Ambrosio – Ultimate Bohemian Festival Style
Alessandra always rocks the bohemian style!


 Winter Jacket Functional Fashion Short and Boots Kate Moss Functional Outfit

Pretty / Romantic

Festivals are a good excuse to take your personal style to the next level! If you love flowing maxi dresses and maxi skirts, floral prints, flower crowns, jewellery, and scarves (and anything girly really), you can wear it all at a festival! Your festival ensemble can be feminine and romantic from head to toe. (We swoon over Auguste the Label for feminine floral maxis and minis!) You will emanate a positive, goddess like vibe as you swan through the crowds in your feminine ensemble and twirl and swirl like a fairy amidst the masses with the vibration of the music, peace and love flowing through you. 

 Romantic Headdress Flower Headband Flower Headdress Fashion

Rock / Edgy

This look is both cool and functional and super easy to create. All you need is your fave denim cut offs, a rock inspired tee Mate the Label is the one to watch for killer tees!), a leather jacket, some ankle boots or wellies, some chunky jewels and perhaps a flash tat for a pop of metallic. Take a slight cue from the 80’s and 90’s for this ensemble.  You’re ready to rock the festival scene!

 Rock Festival Outfit Edgy Rock Fashion Rock Festival Shirt

Coastal luxe

This look is for the girls that love a style of clean lines with a minimalist aesthetic. We visualize a simple white bodysuit, your much-loved jeans, ankle boots, a hat and an oversized shirt (check out Free People to perfect and complete this look!). Think fresh, crisp and luxurious whilst still maintaining a bohemian thread.   

Now that we’ve explored a myriad of looks I’m sure you’re feeling super inspired to finalise your globe trotting plans, pack that bag and book those festival tickets but we’ll just take a quick glimpse at what is trending right now for festival gear, embellishments and adornments before you set off on your adventure near or far. 

 Coachella Outfit Coastal Luxe Outfit Coastal Luxe Shirt and Shorts

What are the festival trends right now?

The best advice we can give you is to take inspiration from every decade and from every style we have touched on above to find and create your authentic style. Keep in mind also, that the 90’s are the new 70’s!

Clothing and footwear

We see that many of the trends for 2018 festival wear are balanced ensembles – feminine and masculine – think biker jackets and boots or sneakers with your flowy maxi dress. Delicate bohemian pieces paired with structured pieces and most certainly the 90’s influence is dominant. Take a floral mini or maxi dress and pair with a structured metal belt. Bring the 90’s to the festival scene with ease by simply pairing your silk slip with a baby tee layered underneath or with a leather jacket and boots. Mini and Maxi skirts and with sneakers or biker boots. A band tee is essential too (we emphasise the importance of cut, authentic vintage feel and the band itself!) paired with cut-off denim shorts and a leather jacket. Overalls with a tee, bralette or a crop are a popular look too.

 Leather Jacket on Dress Dress on Shirt Festival Fashion Mini Dress Over Shirt Trend Festival Fashion Trend


Accent braids, statement structured headbands, scarves and bandanas are some of the hair accessories and styles seen on the field at Coachella 2018. Sorry nature lovers - not a flower crown or petal in sight! 

 Festival Hairstyle Festival Hair Trend Festival Hair Fashion

Body adornments and Accessories

Not surprisingly we are seeing chokers, neckties and gypsy jewels as dominant choices for neck jewellery. Bandanas are also being seen and not just for the neck (or hair) – think wrist and ankles. Hats are of course being worn in abundance and a refined approach to flash tats and Indian inspired body painting is favoured this year. 

The Groups

We love to see the groups at festivals strutting the same style with a plethora of inspiring outfits. So get your girl gang together and decide on your style. Choose your outfits together and make sure you’re all on the same path. It ignites the ‘getting ready’ process, creates further inspiration and fun and nothing makes a statement better than a collective! 

 Group Fashion in Festival Group Festival Fashion Girl Gang Festival Fashion


So, there you have it dear festival-goers, that’s the lowdown on festivals around the world and the fashion that follows. May you be inspired beyond words and compelled to adventure near and far to embrace the festival way of life and satisfy your wanderlust heart. Whatever style inspires you, whether one or a combination of all, we hope you find your true, authentic style and rock it with confidence at every festival you attend. Let the music, peace and love that embody every festival live on in your heart and inspire others as you journey around the globe. Here’s to outstanding festival experiences and ensembles!